Retired Southview Family

Here at Southview we do not rehome our adult or retired dogs. All of the dogs at Southview are first and foremost members of our families so even if for some reason they dont become part of our breeding program they still always have a place in our family and our home. Below are some of those  pups., 

Our Retired Pups

Blue Eye Brock


Brock was the first Border Collie to ever come to Southview. He has never been a part of our breeding program however he has always been a volatile member of the family and farm. He works hard all day every day moving Sheep , goats and cattle. 

Miss Molly May


Without Miss Molly Southview Border Collies would never have emerged. She has given many people some amazing pups and some Champion Dock jumpers as well as great agility dogs. Molly is now retired and is enjoying her retirement in the country with her best friend Milo the Pug. 

Max a Million


Max was our very first Stud Dog he is still just as much a puppy now as he was when he first arrived at Southview. Still loves to play and is also enjoying his retirement living with his daughter Lucy not far from Southview.