Archie is a 1 year old pure bred Red and White bi coloured eye Border Collie. Archie has come to us through no fault of his own. We have come to the conclusion that Archie would have a much better life on a farm. He would do well with another dog to play with. Archie loves being on the farm and is happiest sleeping in the barn within ear shot of the sheep. We feel most definitely Archie must a home without children as he has been known to nip if cornered. We have seen zero aggression from him that said , we would still prefer him to go to a home on a farm where he has room to run. Archie needs some basic training with basic commands. His recall is sporadic and sometimes he comes and sometimes he doesnt. Archie will be visiting our vet
May 28, 2020 and will be nuetered before leaving our farm. He will need some patience and love and understanding. If you think you can devote yourself to putting in the training time required then wed like to hear from you. Archie, has been misunderstood and we feel not treated as a Border collie should be. We have been doing our best to curb some of these tendencies and are very hopeful that the right person can make Archie an absolutely lovely dog and companion.if you think you can give Archie the life he so deserves please contact us. If you work full time away from home and have to lock him in a crate please do not contact us. If your plan is to tie him up please do not contact us. Please be sure to.tell us in detail your experience with Border Collies and what you plan to do to help Archie learn to be a better canine citizen.