Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are several frequently asked questions and answers.  We recommend that anyone considering getting a Border collie read this section thoroughly.  It is important to make sure that a Border collie is the right breed for you, your lifestyle and your family.

Do Border Collies Require A lot of Exercise?     

Border Collies do enjoy exercising, but they require much more than just space to run. Border collies like to play games, work and interact with their owners. They love to have a job to do and require more training than other breeds. Border collies tend to be busy dogs that need to have their curiosity and energy channeled into positive behaviour. 

 Are Border Collies Easy to Train?   

Border collies learn new things very quickly, but this should not be mistaken for being easy to train. Border collies can pick up bad habits just as easily as good ones! It is important to train your Border collie to behave properly right from the start so that they do not pick up bad habits. Although Border collies learn new things quickly it is not as easy to train them not to do things that they have learned to enjoy.

Do Border Collies Shed?


Do You Need to Live on a Farm or Have a Large Property to Own a Border Collie?

No, what you do need is to have the time and desire to spend time with your dog. Border collies learn quickly and if they are not receiving attention and training from their owners they will seek out other ways to amuse themselves. What amuses them may not be what amuses you!

Do Border collies get along well with other pets?

Generally, yes, Border collies can live in harmony with a great number of other animals.  Our dogs have lived peacefully with cockatiels, chinchillas, ducks, horses, cats, sheep, goats, Rabbits, Cows and even our llama.

What Colours Do Border Collies Come In?

There are several colours that border collies commonly come in: Black and white, Black Tri-coloured, Red and white, Red Tri-colour, and Merle they also come in dilute colours. 

What Sports Can Border Collies Play?

What sports can’t Border collies play? Our Border collies have successfully competed in the following sports/activities: obedience, tracking, agility, flyball, herding, disc dog, weight pulling, and games competitions. They also are active in recreational sledding, performance shows, photo shoots, children’s educational programs, and back packing.

Do Border Collies Herd Everything?

Only poorly trained Border collies herd things that they are not supposed to. It is important that Border collies are trained to channel their herding instinct toward appropriate activities. Our dogs live in harmony with cats,  horses a Llama, Sheep, Goats Cows and children.  Some dogs have more herding instinct than others.  If you have questions about herding instinct, ask about the herding instincts of the parents.

How Much Does a Purebred Border Collie Cost?

It is important to remember that the purchase price of a Border collie is only the beginning! There will be many on going costs in caring for and training your Border collie. Not only will there be the costs of food and accessories there will also be the costs of routine health care and any other medical care. Don’t forget to factor in training classes and any boarding that might be required if you are away. It is reasonable to expect to pay at least $1500 on care and training in the first year. If you plan on competing with your dog there will also be ongoing training costs, travel and entry fees. All these costs are on top of the actual cost of your puppy. Southview Puppies range from $1000.00 - $1500.00 CAD 

 What is Crate Training?

Crate training is a safe and proven way to house train and teach your puppy/dog good house manners. Dogs that are crate trained properly when they are puppies are less likely to have severe problems with separation anxiety as adults. They are also more likely to complete their house training quickly and without destroying valued household items or injuring themselves when unattended.  We recommend crate training for all puppies.

Are Your Puppies Registered?

Yes, all of our puppies are registered.  A dog cannot be sold as a purebred without registration papers.  Registration papers link your dog with a pedigree that traces your dog's parents back many many generations.  We register our puppies with the Canadian Border Collie Association.

When are you Expecting Pupppies?


See our puppies Available page for puppy plans.

How do I go about Reserving a Puppy?

After you have given it a great deal of thought and have decided that a Border collie would be a great addition to your life and family for the next 14 to 16 years then contact us via our contact us link.  We will then contact you and we will send you more information and you are well on your way to having the best dog in your entire life!?

Do you Ship Puppies to the USA, Other Countries or Provinces?

Many of our puppies go to other provinces or sometimes other countries.  We prefer that people come and pick them up rather than ship them.  We will ship puppies if it seems to be the best option.