Our Girls

Xcaliber SV Penny


Penny is our beautiful EE Red & White. She comes to us from PA and thinks she is a deer based on the height of her jump ! Her mother was Grand Chapmpion in Show.

Scott's Mya


Our gorgeous Red & White comes to us from Stirling, ON she is absolutely the sweetest little girl you will ever meet she is the most loyal girl we own, and her puppies are just like her. 

Our Girls

Southviews Sadie


Sadie has a soft mouth and is very interested in Cattle she would rather spend all her time in the cattle barn with the new born calves. She tends to pretend not to hear us when shes there. Sadie is very intense and her puppies would do well on any farm. 

Southview Piper


Piper can jump incredibly HIGH!! if your looking for a beautiful smooth coat for "Go High" her offspring will not disappoint. She comes to us from Foremost Alberta. And will become an important part of our breeding program once she is old  . Piper is a tri colour smooth coated beauty that just loves working the sheep. Her instinct is incredible and will require very little training to become an amazing sheep dog.

Southview Thalia


Sweet Thalia comes from our own stock and was bred from Penny X Rex. She was just such a little fire cracker from the start that we just had to keep her. Thalia will be coowned and lives in the country.

Our Boys

Handsome Rex


Our Handsome Crazy Boy is the Main Stud  in our breeding program. He has produced an incredible number of champion sport and agility dogs. He is wildly devoted and has a never ending amount of energy and has always produced the most amazing puppies. 

Southview Sky Twister


"Twist" is also a new member of our program and with his instinct and calm sense of being he has already proven to be an amazing agility pup. He is going to be a  future champion in Agility and a force to be reckoned with .

Southview Storm Chaser

"Chase" is the newest member of our Breeding program he is very much like his Daddy Rex and will be

"Chase" is wild and crazy just like his daddy. We have decided to add Chase to our stud program due to his parentage. Baylee is one of our most loving intense girls and we cannot wait to have that passed on through Chases puppies. 

Southviews Jaxson


The newest member of Southview to join the boys, comes all the way from Witchita Kansas. Jax comes from some amazing lines in  both herding and agility. We are excited to see what Jax can produce once we decide who he will be bred to.