Contract & Non Breeding Agreement


Sunderland, ON


This contract is entered into between Southview Border Collies

 ( herein known as Breeder) and

__________________________________________(herein known as Buyer)


18975 Brock Road, Sunderland Ontario Canada


BUYER INFORMATION:________________________________________


PHONE NUMBER:_______________________________________________

EMAIL ADRESS:_________________________________________________


DATE OF BIRTH: _____________________

_________________    MALE                        _____________FEMALE

___________________RED TRI                   _____________CHOCOLATE MERLE

___________________BLACK TRI _____________BLACK / WHITE ___________________

RED / WHITE___________________        

The following are obligations agreed upon by both the Breeder and Buyer for the sale transaction of the above mentioned dog.

As payment for said dog, buyer agrees to pay the Breeder the sum of $
Payment in full is due before buyer takes possession of said dog.
Deposits are non- refundable but can be transferred to another litter.
The  Breeder Agrees, to the best of their knowledge, that the dog purchased  by the Buyer is free from any communicable diseases and is of sound  body, stable temperament and is in good general health with first  vaccinations and de-worming, also providing a medical record indicating  such.
Breeder will provide a one year heath guarantee against genetic  defects such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy or defects. Buyer must supply  copies of all medical findings to Breeder. Breeder then reserves the  right to have said puppy checked and condition verified by her local  vet. Puppy may be kept and replacement puppy will be offered OR puppy  may be returned and a replacement puppy offered. No Money will be  offered….Replacement puppy will be given when the next available pup, of  equal value becomes available chosen by the breeder. All medical and  shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the Buyer.
It is  important to take your puppy to the vet within 72 hours of bringing him  home for a complete health check. Failure to do so will void the health  guarantee. This will offer buyer peace of mind in knowing they have  acquired a healthy puppy. Please take a stool sample with you. Although  puppies have been dewormed properly, there still may be worms or other  microorganisms present. Puppies easily pick up organisms throughout  their environments.
Your puppy is a pure bred Border Collie. Breeder  agrees to take the sole responsibility of registering the dog. Buyer  agrees to a NON-BREEDING CONTRACT  - some exceptions apply, which will  be kept on file with Heidi Beckett (Breeder). By signing this contract,  buyer agrees to ensure said dog is not bred or allowed to produce a  litter before they are altered. If these circumstances were to happen  the seller has the right to take back said dog and puppies and no  expense.
(if the non breeding contract is waived buyer agrees to have  a non breeding contract for any puppies that may be produced by Buyers  dog.)
The Buyer agrees it is their responsibility to arrange to have  said dog spayed or neutered before 8 months of age. Buyer agrees to  provide Breeder with a certificate from a competent veterinarian stating  this fact. IF the paperwork has not been received by one year of age,  Breeder has the right to repossess the dog to ensure it’s alteration at  Buyer’s expense before Buyer can retain ownership.
Papers for Registration to be provided by the Breeder upon receipt of the alteration certificate unless otherwise agreed upon.
Buyer  agrees that it is their responsibility to familiarize themselves with  the breed of said dogs, and understand the nature of the breed and any  medical conditions related to the breed.
if Buyer has found they are unable to care for the dog/puppy, then the  Buyer is to contact Breeder immediately. Breeder will either take Dog back or find a suitable home . Dog is not to go to any  other person/society/institution/shelter or rescue.  No exchange of money or replacement  will be offered.
Buyer acknowledges that said dogs temperament may  change with lack of proper training and discipline , or if dog is  mishandled or abused.

Buyer agrees to provide proper nutritional  requirements and to maintain a healthy lifestyle for said dog. Ensure  dog lives a lifestyle that is suited to the breed.  ALL SOUTHVIEW DOGS AND PUPPIES ARE FED A RAW DIET, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS HOWEVER, A GOOD ALTERNATIVE IS ORIJEN PUPPY FOOD.
Buyer agrees that it is their responsibility to ensure that  the dog purchased from Breeder obtains all the proper training and  care. Recommend obedience training at the age of 9-10 months to help the  dog become a good canine citizen.
This contract is only valid while  the Breeder is breeding Border Collies. Should Breeder cease breeding  said dogs, for any reason, this contact will become null and void.
Any conflicts between Breeder and Buyer are to be dealt with in the town of Sunderland, ON, Canada.

I have read, understand, and agree to the conditions of this contract by placing my signature on the line below.



We thank you for giving our puppies such loving homes.

An educated owner makes a great master and please be sure to send us pictures as they grow !!!


You can’t buy happiness, so they say,

But I bought it the other day…

You cant buy friendship..tried and true..

but just the same I bought that too

I made my bid and on the spot, bought love and faith..

The whole lot..

I bought a single beating heart, that gave devotion

From the very start.

A heart full of happiness is the best part

So all in all, the purchase was pretty smart.

If you think these things are not for sale

Buy a Border Collie Puppy

With an intense stare and flowing tail.

Author Unknown